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What is SolarDerm skin care?

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SolarDerm after sun skin care uses natural powers of green tea, oats and shea butter to soothe your sunburned or irritated skin, stop the negative effects of the UV radiation, and rebuild your skin cells helping prevent skin cancer.

All SolarDerm products are made in the USA and do not contain any perfumes, dyes, parabens or petroleum, are oil-free and allergen-free.

Did you know that your skin burns hours after you’ve been in the sun?

Sunscreen alone isn’t enough to protect your skin from long-term damage.

UV radiation from the sun keeps attacking your skin cells for 2-4 hours after exposure. Not only does it make your skin dry and tight, but it may also cause skin cancer.

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Whom is it for?

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Sun fans and beach bums

Had too much sun but not enough sunscreen? This moisturizer instantly soothes your pain, relieves the tightness, and turns your red swollen skin into an even tan preventing blisters and peeling.

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People with sensitive skin

Does your child have sensitive skin? Or are you a sun fearing redhead yourself? Apply SolarDerm skin care on your irritated skin to feel immediate relief and get rid of the skin redness and swelling.

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People with active lifestyle

Golfers, tennis players, soccer fans. After so many hours outdoors your skin is as exhausted as the rest of your body. SolarDerm deeply hydrates your skin and replenishes it without oil, film or residue, and helps keep your skin young and firm.

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Radiation therapy patients

After radiation therapy your skin feels sunburned. Green tea contained in SolarDerm products reduces irritation, redness and swelling, cools your skin and prevents it from further damage.

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Certified 91% allergen-free by SkinSAFE Program

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No additives

No perfumes, dyes, parabens, oils or petroleum

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Certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny Program

Better than your usual skin care

Sure, you could use a skin care product from your local store, but you won’t see the same results.

Why? Because the ingredients used in SolarDerm are much more powerful.

SolarDerm products have 90% concentration of EGCG – the natural antioxidant contained in green tea that fights skin cell damage.

SolarDerm is also high on Vitamin B2 that helps maintain the youthful skin structure and firmness, and Vitamin E that helps grow new skin cells, nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated.

SolarDerm skin care calms, hydrates and repairs your sunburned or irritated skin faster and more effectively using natural ingredients:

  • Deeply hydrates, moisturizes and revitalizes dry skin
  • Reduces redness, inflammation and puffiness, soothes and heals sunburned skin
  • Helps prevent premature skin aging, fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun exposure and helps maintain your skin young, smooth and firm
  • Restores and balances your skin tone and texture dulled by sun rays, and keeps your skin radiant

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Our happy customers

“This moisturizer reduces my red, uneven skin tone”

I’ve tried so many lotions and creams to calm my skin when the redness starts to appear, and I have finally found my Holy Grail. This moisturizer is amazing! It blends perfectly into my skin while covering and reducing my red, uneven skin tone. It gives me a nice, healthy glow and makes me feel so much more confident. Not to mention my skin is super hydrated. Can’t thank you enough!

~ Laura ~

“Incredible difference for dry and irritated skin”

Living by the beach I’m always outside on the weekends, playing volleyball, basketball, jogging or walking my dog. I never bothered to protect my face from the sun, and when I started noticing signs of sun damage and dry, irritated skin, I decided to do something about it. SolarDerm products really made an incredible difference in my complexion. I use their face wash and moisturizer every day and love the non-greasy feel and how it relieves the tightness.

~ Dan ~

“My skin feels smoother, softer and more hydrated”

From the first day that I started using SolarDerm, I noticed a difference in my extremely dry skin. I live in the desert and am outside all the time. Thanks to SolarDerm Moisturizer and Facial Wash, my skin feels smoother, softer and definitely more hydrated. Even though I always use sunscreen, when I apply SolarDerm especially after being in the sun all day, the instant relief I feel on my skin is just amazing.

~ Susan ~

“Tones down redness for sensitive skin and rosacea”

I have always been skeptical about using any kind of skin product because of my sensitive skin and rosacea, so when my wife convinced me that Solarderm would help, I tried the moisturizer and was shocked at the difference it made. The constant redness that I have learned to live with toned down, and my skin actually started looking and feeling better. I had no allergic reaction from Solarderm, unlike so many other products I have tried over the years.

~ John ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SolarDerm suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it’s great for all skin types, and ideal for people with sensitive or fair skin.

Is SolarDerm safe for kids to use?

Yes. All SolarDerm products are safe to use for kids.

Does SolarDerm have SPF in it?

No, it does not have SPF. It is also free of fragrances, dyes, parabens, petroleum, and is oil-free.

Where is SolarDerm made?

All SolarDerm products are made in the USA.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to every country of the world.

What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund for unopened products.

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