Facts About Sugar and Your Skin

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We’re not big fans of eating refined and added sugars for many reasons, but particularly for their effects on the skin. A diet heavy in foods with refined and added sugars nearly always leads to a variety of skin issues. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to discover these scary sugar facts and the alarming ways sugar ruins your skin.

One of the main ways sugar ruins your skin is by causing inflammation in the body. Sugar is highly acidic, and while all acidic foods cause inflammation to some degree, sugar is one of the worst. How so? Sugar causes blood sugar levels to surge and plummet, which leads to inflammation. Any sign of inflammation in the skin causes breakouts, so avoid refined sugars as well as foods with added sweeteners, including white and brown sugar, agave syrup, molasses, maple syrup, and honey, particularly if you’re prone to breakouts.

Sugar’s inflammatory properties also lead to wrinkles. Collagen is what keeps your skin looking young and wrinkle-free but sugar attacks collagen, eating it on a cellular level. This dehydrates your skin and makes it look dull. And, of course, dehydration also leads to premature wrinkles.

Sugar causes significant, rapid changes in blood sugar. Whenever you eat foods with a high sugar content, your blood sugar rises rapidly. Then, once the hormone that regulates blood sugar is released into your cells, it falls again. When you experience this sugar crash, you often feel hungry, shaky, and moody. Every time this happens, your body experiences internal stress, which often leads to breakouts and dull-looking skin.

Free radicals are the components that cause inflammation and disease in the body. Studies have linked high-sugar foods and high-sugar diets with creating free radicals in the body. Antioxidants are important fighters in the war against free radicals, and foods with natural sugars, such as fruits and vegetables, are excellent sources.

The inflammatory properties of sugar also cause red, irritated skin. Many people who suffer from rashes or are prone to yeast imbalances can blame their issues on a diet loaded with sugar.

Sugar sucks the water from your body’s cells, leading to dry, puffy skin and those terrible under-eye circles that we all hate. In addition to drinking plenty of water, avoid eating sugary foods, especially on days when you want to look your best.

Many people experience digestive issues after eating sugary foods, such as gas or a stomach ache. This is because sugar is very hard on your digestive tract thanks to the fact that it creates inflammation and flora imbalances in the gut. In addition, sugar cannot be broken down into nutrients beyond simple glucose. Once the glucose is gone and your blood sugar spikes, sugar creates a toxic state in your stomach. And, any time food doesn’t digest well, it shows in your skin. Eliminating sugar tends to lead to a better functioning digestive tract, fewer food cravings, and better skin.


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Source: The Spa Doctor


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