Facial Moisturizer

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Natural, non-toxic after sun daily skin care

    • Deeply hydrates + moisturizes dry, sensitive skin
    • Calms, soothes + replenishes sun exposed skin
    • Reduces redness, inflammation + itchiness from sun, radiation & laser treatments
    • Helps prevent premature skin aging, fine lines + wrinkles
    • Non greasy and fast absorbing


Best ways to use:

  • Refrigerate & apply for instant cooling skin refreshment
  • Apply before sunscreen for added protection
  • Always use after sun exposure
  • Apply as a night cream to nourish skin throughout the night
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Free of perfumes, dyes, parabens and petroleum. Oil-free. Alcohol-free.

Made in the USA.

Allergan-free, Cruelty-free.

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111 reviews for Facial Moisturizer

  1. Lexi

    My skin feels so clean after each use. And most importantly it doesn’t cause my face to burn or react, so it’s safe for sensitive skin!

  2. Ellen Powderly

    I like how the cream makes my face feels soft and not dry at all. I apply it after I have been in the sun and it takes away the heat and redness. It feels so good and not greasy. I am so happy with this moisturizer. I would definitely give this a high rating.

  3. Kelley Johnson

    I was pleasantly surprised with this moisturizer. It absorbed well yet it wasn’t greasy. The sun is hard on my face and this product solves that problem.

  4. Carolyn Blair

    Very nice feel to this product. Used it after a day in the sun and it is very soothing. Feels like it seals in the moisture.

  5. Elizabeth Payne

    Great feels good absorbs quickly not greasy

  6. Anne

    Great product! Feels really nice when it goes on. We area family of 5 with red hair and cheap Irish skin….put a little sun on it and it peels right off (says my father from Mayo). The lotion keeps the skin on and makes it feel better after poor sunscreen application (it happens :). We also use as a daily moisturizer and love it! Thank you Solarderm!

  7. Diana Simonson

    Solarderm moisturizer and after sun care products feel and work great on my skin; have to use special care while in sun and after skin is exposed. Leaves skin moistrised and feeling healthy and hydrated!

  8. Hyadee Mullins

    Love this stuff

  9. J Russel

    Thank you for the samples! After a day in the sun I applied this to my face and it was very soothing and silky feeling. My face felt and looked much better!

  10. Meaghan Collins


  11. Trang Dang

    The ingredients are good and no harsh chemicals. It is very moisturizing, but not oily or greasy. Doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin. I love it. Definitely will recommend it to my friends

  12. Jessica Patterson

    This is amazing. I got a free sample in the mail, coincidentally the same day i spent out on the lake in the sun. This soothed my skin instantly. This is definitely my new favorite after sun skin care.

  13. Lisa

    Lightweight, soothing, tinted, and unscented. It feels so nice on the skin. It helped so much on my sun burned skin.

  14. Sydney Carter

    My husband works a lot outside without remebering sun block. This works great to sooth his skin

  15. Bernalyn Williams

    Went fishing with the fam and it’s too hot so I put solarderm moisturizer before we leave and it’s just wow I dont felt burnt lol..product is good,I have a sensitive skin but this dont make me itch
    Thank u #solarderm

  16. Elizabeth Mueller

    I really liked the After Sun Facial Moisturizer. I used after a bit of sun and found it to be soothing & light. A very silky texture & it seemed to immediately hydrate my skin.

  17. Caitlin Mundey

    I recieved a sample of solarderm moisturizer. It was light, not greasy, & soaked in immediately. I did not notice any scents & my skin felt hydrated after use.

  18. Teresa

    Thank You for the free samples and the hard work you all went to in getting them out to us! Love the scent..pleasant and not too strong. The moisturizer went on nicely without being greasy. The Solarderm took the sting from my forehead and cheeks and it left my face feeling cool. Great product!

  19. Jeannete Barry

    I usually have a difficult wearing moisturizer in the summer, I sweat too much and it feels terrible. but this cream didn’t seem to give me that feeling nor did it break me out after sweating. So good job

  20. Ashley Novia

    Enjoyed my free samples! TY

  21. Anaberta Ferrara

    I have been applying it every time after I come in from a long afternoon outside and it feels so fresh and refreshing to my skin I love it.

  22. Pamela Carson

    Texas is pretty hot, spent the day in the pool and used this moisturizer after, felt really wonderful! No more tightness. Like people said in the other comments, this has a great consistency and is truly unscented. I’d use again in this boiling hot state. would need to use for a much longer time period to evaluate it’s long term affects, but my first experience is great!

  23. Lisa Hose

    First Off Thank You For The Samples!!
    I used this on my face while working out in the yard.
    It’s amazing and feels so soft and smooth on your skin.
    I will be ordering a larger size

  24. Rob Brad

    I am very fair skinned so burn easily. I use a moisturizer with SPF20 during the day but still get some burn so applied this after I got home and showered and could instantly feel a difference in my skin. Thank you for letting me try it. I’m sold.

  25. Pam Sorsen

    Was very nice, felt soft on my skin. Was very impressed.

  26. Yadel Vizcarra

    My daughter used it – She works with kids at a summer camp here in Arizona ( Extreme Heat and Blazing Sun) she used it after swimming and being int he sun for hours – SHE LOVED IT !!!

  27. Erin Ernst

    Great after sun soothing face cream! Totally took the sting out of being in the sun too long in our first “official summer outing!” Thank you for the instant calm!

  28. beller nou

    The facial moisturizer felt nice when applying on my face. It was cool and refreshing after apply the facial moisturizer. My skin now feel like it will be protected from the sun,

  29. Marie

    I love this small, family-run company! Although I am diligent about sunscreen, I like to use a richer moisturizer in the evening during the warmer months since it can be very dry where I live. This formula feels so silky and hydrating going on and doesn’t leave my face sticky. Also, there is no discernible scent. Try a sample today – you won’t be disappointed!

  30. Lue Ash

    I like the coolness of it it went on very smoothly I would recommend this product to my friends.

  31. Tara Uptain

    I got a free sample of SolarDerm, and I really liked it. It’s very moisturizing and made my skin feel super soft.

  32. nidhi goel

    It’s non greasy without any smell I like it

  33. M

    So far so good. I’ve used it twice as a morning moisturizer. No greasy/oily feeling. Smooth and soft. I also don’t sunburn because I use sunblock so can’t testify to the burn relief. Would like to use it on my husbands sunburned face next!

  34. Mirando O

    It wasn’t greasy feeling. It felt great and moisturizers the face great

  35. Meghan Luther

    I received a free sample of solarderm and so far it’s been great. I live in a hot dry climate. As soon as i used the after sun cream my skin felt refreshed and smoother. Definitely recommend to anyone getting sun this summer!!

  36. Melanie Chapman

    Felt amazing on my skin, very light and non greasy formula that was perfect after a long day in the sun. My face was hydrated perfectly! I was extremely satisfied and happy with the product!

  37. Mari M

    Definitely better than expected! Perfect for florida living.

  38. Ellen

    I really liked this moisturizer. It was not greasy and it was fairly light-which I appreciate. Although I didn’t necessarily need it for sunlight reasons, I thought it was a really nice moisturizer by itself! Would recommend.

  39. James

    I work in the sun all day long every day and I tried this product and my face feels hydrated and smooth and soft it’s not greasy will use this product again

  40. Crystal Sola

    Wow. This was amazing. I love to tan but at times I will admit I can go a lil overboard so this works for me. It left my skin feeling very soft and smooth after a long day in the sun. I have already purchased it. I’m super happy

  41. Judy Cheromiah

    My skin is dry and this went on smoothly and took care of it immediately. Has a silky texture and a pleasant aroma. Best of it is it’s all natural ingredients.

  42. Sara

    Very nice

  43. Tracy Spain

    Loved the feel on my sensitive skin. Makeup went on very well. Great facial moisturizer!!!

  44. Michelle Trogdon

    I really liked it and the fact you sent so many so we could really try it. It does great hydrating your face.

  45. Frankie Fiore

    I received these samples the same day I stayed out in the sun too long. FORTUITOUS! My shoulders got too much sun I thought I would peel, I didn’t. I used SolarDerm, I was very pleased that I wasn’t greasy afterward. I love that is was made right here in the United States. My skin felt very soft afterward. I felt very cared for.
    *My lover applied it lovingly, so that might have attributed to the warm fuzzy feelings.

  46. Linda Mannino

    Feels great on my face and neck. Super creamy but not greasy. Nice way to replenish after a summer day in Georgia!

  47. Radwa

    amaziiiing healing my skin and keep it fresh and hydrated

  48. Lori January

    I thought the consistency was great. Felt great putting on my face. Not greasy. Didn’t have an odor. Unfortunately, a sample is never big enough to show any long term results; but I understand that. Thank you.

  49. robert omalley

    loved it felt great will get more soon as i can

  50. Becca

    I love this moisturizer. It made my skin feel soft and rehydrated. It was smooth and didn’t leave my face feeling heavy and greasy.

  51. Laura

    Feels great, not greasy, absorbs well and smells good- great product.

  52. Robin Newhouse

    I love the SolarDerm. Feels great on my skin. No tacky feeling. I’m not suppose to be in the sun, but I do go outside…so I tend to get a bit of sun on my face. I try to keep my arms and legs covered, as much as possible. This is a great moisturizer for my face. Nice to try something new!

  53. Cas

    SolarDerm after sun facial moisturizer is hydrating, smooth and surprisingly light! It will leave your skin feeling refreshed after a day outside in the elements.

  54. robin newhouse

    I love the Solarderm. Feels great on my skin, with no tacky feeling at all. Soaked right in. I’m not suppose to be in the sun, so this a good one for me.

  55. Tanisha Thompson

    This is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone!

  56. Tina Hall

    Solar Derm really does wonder for the skin after being in the sun my face was really worn but Solar Derm really put back the moisture and life to my face. Thank You Solar Derm

  57. Nicole Richards

    Absolutely love love love this product and will be buying some more

  58. Veronica Szalanczy

    I did receive this sample we had about maybe 88 or 90 degree weather and I had to put on this free sample lotion and the lotion is fragrant free I actually soaked into my skin and it felt really nice and cool on the skin and it absorbs quickly.

  59. Maryann DiCesari

    Amazing. This product was so moisturizing on my skin. Sunburn is no longer an issue after using your After sun care.

  60. Melanie

    Loved it, actually used on myself and my husband after being at Sea World all day. It was so soothing and left my skin feeling soft. I like the subtle tent. And wears easy under makeup! I would recommend.

  61. Debbie

    Terrific product — when will it be available in stores?

  62. Holly Grubbs

    Great feeling on my skin

  63. Connie

    I absolutely loved this product!!!! no greasy feel and works perfectly!!! A must have for every out door person.

  64. Laurie Nelson

    we do live in sunny Florida we happen to go to the beach over the weekend I got my sample last week when we got home we were all a little bit burn take a shower confirmed burn I use the solar derm after sun serum, immediately we could feel for sunburn starting to relax it probably helped us not to peel really moisturized our face it smells good it’s not greasy this is a good product for after sun care I even used it on my three year old!!!

  65. Arassely

    It was smooth to the touch and didn’t leave my skin oily. It feels refreshing to put on. Love how my skin felt and looked after application and a day in the sun!

  66. JULIA

    Its a great product!

  67. Pam Caldwell

    First time user and I have to say this is excellent cream for the face after being in the sun all day!!! It is not greasy and feels very soothing on my face.

  68. Ousedline

    Love it !!

  69. Abby S

    I really like this moisturizer. It’s a thick cream but absorbs well and doesn’t feel greasy. I came home with a rather red face after a day of life guarding. Used the cream and in the morning my face was just tan … no more red. I’ll be using it again for sure!

  70. Helen Collins

    I love this product, it goes on so silky smooth.
    My skin feels like a brand new baby’s bottom.
    Great Job SolarDerm

  71. Chelle

    I have never tried an after sun anything before. . . After trying a generous sample I received, I’m 100% sold! The moisture went on nicely, no greasy feel or look and made my skin feel calm and not as tight. It soothed my sunburn so nicely. I will be purchasing and highly recommend.

  72. Brandy Beene

    Very hydrating! Soft and smooth feels great!

  73. Amanda Allen

    I loved my samples and found a new brand to love. They arrived when I had a sunburn and helped sooth with no burning. I even used some on my son with eczema and it was great as well.

  74. Makenzie Drexler

    Great feeling on my dry skin

  75. julie

    Really pleasantly surprised at how nice this is. After having chemo, my skin is very sensitive, especially to sun. This went on easily, was very soothing and my skin looked fresh the next morning.

  76. Mabel Mason

    Hi I am still using the samples, thank you for sending them to me !! I do have a few dark spots on my face ,so I trying to find a good sunscreen that won’t clog my pores.

  77. Christina Austin

    Very awesome product. I loved it!

  78. Yidis Lichtman

    Great product

  79. Dawn Clark

    I was a bit skeptical at first as I’m used to using a facial moisturizer with anti aging benefits. I washed my face and used my sample of Solarderm. I used the entire package (probably more than I needed) on my face and neck. My skin absorbed it quickly, and it’s not greasy in the least bit. My skin feels perfectly moisturized and refreshingly clean. I’m going to use it for a couple more days (I have a few more packets) to see if it’s my new go to moisturizer. I’ve already told a few of my friends about it too! Thank you for the opportunity to try it. I’m super happy!

  80. Karen Marshall

    Excellent moisturizer. I highly recommend.

  81. Shannon Newcomer

    I love this product . I was out in the sun and after being out for awhile , I put the solarderm on , and it made my skin moisturized . I absolutely love this stuff .

  82. Kalynn M Parsons

    Very refreshing after using it! Used it after working in the yard! Made my face feel amazing

  83. William J Landrum

    My wife received samples from the friendly owners of Soladerm and I used one after working outside on the garden. I usually get sunburnt and use aloe but it doesn’t work well. I used one of the Soladerm packets to moisturize my face and neck, and I didn’t feel a burn at tonight which was amazing! The moisturizer felt very hydrating and almost cooling. Thank you Soladerm!

  84. P. Prego

    I love how it makes my skin feel and look!

  85. Melody Hawkes

    Love love love

  86. Wendy Smith

    Just tried it today and it feels wonderful. This is a great product with excellent ingredients AND cruelty-free, BRAVO SolarDerm!!

  87. John

    I have always been skeptical about using any kind of skin product because of my sensitive skin and rosacea, so when my wife convinced me that Solarderm would help, I tried the moisturizer and was shocked at the difference it made. The constant redness that I have learned to live with toned down, and my skin actually started looking and feeling better. I had no allergic reaction from Solarderm, unlike so many other products I have tried over the years. Now i am using the facial wash too, and it too is doing a great job on taking the red out of my skin and just making me feel better about myself. If you have skin issues like me, Solarderm will definitely help.

  88. Susan

    I can’t say enough good things about SolarDerm. From the first day that I started using it, I noticed a difference in my extremely dry skin. I live in the desert, and am outside all the time. Thanks to SolarDerm Moisturizer and Facial Wash, my skin feels smoother, softer and definitely more hydrated. Even though I always use sunscreen, when I apply SolarDerm especially after being in the sun all day, the instant relief I feel on my skin i just amazing. I highly recommend both SolarDerm Moisturizer and Facial Wash. it is a wonderful product and I give it 5 stars!

  89. Dan

    Living by the beach I’m always outside on the weekends, playing volleyball, basketball, jogging or walking my dog. I never bothered to protect my face from the sun, and when I started noticing signs of sun damage and dry, irritated skin, I decided to do something about it. SolarDerm products really made an incredible difference in my complexion. I use their face wash and moisturizer every day and love the non-greasy feel and how it relieves the tightness.

  90. Laura

    I’ve tried so many lotions and creams to calm my skin when the redness starts to appear, and I have finally found my Holy Grail. This moisturizer is amazing! It blends perfectly into my skin while covering and reducing my red, uneven skin tone. It gives me a nice, healthy glow and makes me feel so much more confident. Not to mention my skin is super hydrated. Can’t thank you enough!

  91. Wendy

    I loved Solarderm After Sun moisturizer! It did not leave a greasy residue on my skin and left my skin feeling so soft.

  92. Cathy Morrison

    I used this after going to the tanning bed and it’s awesome! Will definitely be ordering some

  93. vnny h

    i have only used it twice but it does feel good and it’s not greasy.so will see when it STAYS sunny & i ,am able to walk the track more often,thank you for the sample’s.

  94. Danielle Dannheiser

    I love it! It felt wonderful on my skin, not greasy at all…

  95. Kelly

    It made my skin feel so soft!! Loved how my skin looked after applying it also❤

  96. Angel Steele

    This is a great product, it hydrates all skin types, and is very refreshing!

  97. Ellen

    I started using SolarDerm this winter when I was in Florida and got a sunburn. I applied it after showering and was surprised how it removed the heat from my skin and the tightness was gone. This has become part of my daily sun care routine.

  98. Jay

    I have the type of skin that burns easily no matter how much SPF I put on. A friend of mine recommended SolarDerm, this is the type of moisturizer my skin needs.

  99. Kathy

    My teenage son is active with sports and spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always put on enough SPF in the right places. The other day he came home and his neck was badly sunburned. I put SolarDerm on right away and it took out the sting and tightness of his skin immediately. His skin felt hydrated and smooth after that.

  100. Mike

    When I golf on weekends, my forehead and side of face seems to get red from the sun, even with SPF on my face. By end of day my skin feels heated. Then I started using SolarDerm’s moisturizer and it took the heat out and soothed my skin instantly. I now use it every time I’ve been out in the sun.

  101. Ousedline Lafleur

    Feels great on my skin,love it!!

  102. Ruby Young

    Great feeling on my skin

  103. Paula Gordon

    The solar deem moisturizer really hydrates your skin and helps to restore sun damaged skin. It is unlike other moisturizers I have tried .Relally recommend it to people especially like me older people that need hydration and repairs from sun damaged skin.

  104. Gill

    Last Sunday, we went to fly a kite. It was still chilly, so I didn’t think I needed to apply sunscreen. By the time we were back home my face was on fire. I applied this moisturizer and felt the burning getting less almost immediately. My skin returned to normal within 10 minutes or so.

  105. John

    This works great on my rosacea

  106. Laurie

    I use this moisturizer every night on my son’s super sensitive red skin. Works great. Calms it down and takes the red out.

  107. Jill

    I have been using SolarDerm since it became available earlier this year. I am outside a lot especially in the Summer and have found that SolarDerm the face wash and moisturizer are fantastic for an after sun treatment. I plan on using them both all winter as well to moisturize dry winter skin.

  108. Anne

    Love both products! Great for us tennis, golf and beach bums!

  109. Jackie

    I love to tan in the summer so if I ever get burnt or a little red it takes the heat and pain away quickly. It turns my burn into a tan so fast which also makes my tan last longer keeping my skin soft and not feeling dry.

  110. Karen

    Tried the product tonight. face soap:nice clean feel not drying.. lotion nice consistency not greasy absorbed right into my skin with no residue. Looking forward to trying product after sun but could easily be an everyday lotion .

  111. Brenda

    Flew back last night, had a great time, but my face, between sun, wind and flying was completely dehydrated and dry. I used the after sun Facial Wash and Lotion and finally feel human again!!!! This product is superior. Thank you! Thank you!!

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